Thursday, November 29, 2007

Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) Live at the Smithsonian Institution

I rescued this recording from the "bulk" pile at WYMS-FM many, many years ago. It was made as part of the "American Jazz Radio Festival" program. Unfortunately I have no recording information - not even a set list. I presume it was recorded around mid-1985. "Date Recorded" on the tape box is 10/12/85, but that's probably the date it was recorded from the satellite feed.

I've never been particularly "into" Abdullah Ibrahim, but I know many people are, so I hope they'll enjoy (I compressed the file at 320 kbps rather than my usual 192 for the audiophiles).

Coincidentally, Matt over at Matsuli Music has posted for a limited time another Abdullah Ibrahim album here. Get it while it's hot!

Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) - Live at the Smithsonian Institution


matt said...

You got to choose your entry point carefully or you can be put off (as with some other jazz) with some of the more introspective and "spiritual" pieces. IMO some of his finest recordings were made after he returned from exile (for the first time) in 1975/6 and he made a series issued by Rashid Valli's As-shams (The Sun) label. These include: Mannenberg, Soweto, African Herbs and Black Lightening. My recommendation for any newcomer is to get a copy of a CD African marketplace.

John B. said...

Matt: I agree. In fact, the recordings you mention are among my favorites by Abdullah Ibrahim.

Kalil: I'll be getting in touch shortly.

"Big Al" Marghreb said...

Whoa! Haven't checked your blog for a week and look what happened! Can't wait to get into all of this. Thanks again!

Undercover Black Man said...

Much thanks for this one, John B.

ghostrancedance said...

Thank you!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I found your post on the Nigerian Super Blog.

I have never heard of Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand).

Thanks for the revelation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, this is great!

david said...

Matt knows his stuff--all those Dollar brand lps are great (i've never heard African Herbs).
Never cared much for African Marketplace though....i know it's considered a good one but for me it's the start of his lps taking a downward turn. Although i do like that Ekaya record, the golden years were over. I would strongly recommend his collaboration with Johnny Dyani 'Good news From Africa' as a great entry point into his catalog. Not only is the lp great, it's a great introduction to the great South African bassist as well. Matt also reissued Dollar's wife's lp (on the Matsuli label) backed by Dollar Brand called 'African Songbird' and that's a gem. Will Matsuli be reissuing any of these DB As-shams titles? I just passed on a copy of Dollar Brand + 3 and am regretting it!

david said...

Apparently 'African herbs' is also titled as 'Soweto' in the state, and i found that one on my shelves. Cape Town Fringe is also great, and i believe repackages Mannenberg. The cover is the artwork posted above.

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