Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sikinde Ngoma Ya Ukae!

With our laptop out of commission for a while, the household is down to one functional computer, which the kids have commandeered for their own uses. I've been working on several posts at once, but I just haven't had time to rip some of the tunes I've wanted to use. Fortunately, I have a fair number already digitized. So this will be a quickie, but a goodie.

Like just about everybody, I love the Tanzanian band DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra, led by Michael Enoch (above). We were very fortunate indeed when a wonderful "Best of" compilation of their hits was released some time ago (Sikinde [Africassette AC9402] in the U.S.). I believe it may still be in print. One CD, however, just isn't enough to embrace all of the "best" of this prolific congregation. Fortunately, I have in my posession the two-volume Best of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra issued in Kenya and produced by our friend Doug Paterson of the East African Music Page.

So, here are five tunes from those LPs. "Mume Wangu Jerry" and "M. V. Mapenzi 1" are from Best of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra Vol. 1 (Ahadi AHDLP 6002, 1986). The other songs are from Best of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra Vol. 2 (Ahadi AHDLP 6006, 1988).

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Mume Wangu Jerry

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - M. V. Mapenzi 1

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Matatizo ya Uke Wenza

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Majirani Huzima Radio

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Naheshimu Ndoa

Discography of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra


mattgy said...

perfect for my Monday afternoon. thank you!

Anonymous said...

As you said everbody loves Mlimani. Me I'm no exception. Thanks a load


Anonymous said...

The original release of Sikinde on the Monsun label sparked off my obsession with the great Tanzanian dansi bands: the roiling guitar and rhythm sections, off-kilter brass and great melodies, it has it all.

Any chance you can put any obscure Mbaraka / Moro Jazz up?

John B. said...

I absolutely can put up some Mbaraka, and more Tanzania, too.

bazza chile boy said...

There will be a new and rather extraordinary recording of music by DDC Mlimani Park put out in London by Ujaama Records within the next couple months.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, one of the my best memories is my first time seeing Mlimani Park Orchestra at the CCM Hall in Bagamoyo, Tanzania...

The second time I saw them at the DDC club in Dar es Salaam I actually got up and played a few tunes with them, including "Neema", which is one of my favourite songs ever!

Perhaps I'll work on a translation to post up because it's pure poetry, in fact I believe the lyric was at one time on the national syllabus for Swahili literature....

Anonymous said...

Jamie: Thanks for your memories. I'm sure we'd all enjoy a translation. John