Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recent Blog Postings of Note

I've got a couple of posts in the hopper that will be ready to go in a day or two, but I wanted to bring to your attention a couple of worthy submissions over at other blogs.

At Matsuli Music Jonathan Ward of Excavated Shellac, inveterate collector of all things 78 RPM, gives us a wonderful collection of classic music from South Africa, Phata Phata: 78 rpm Records from the Birth of Mbaqanga. Amazingly, these recordings are all from the 1960s, long after 78s were phased out in most parts of the world. Well worth downloading!

I'm continually astonished at the stuff Matthew Lavoie over at African Music Treasures digs out of the Voice of America vaults. This time he's come up with some amazing 45s from early-'70s Somalia. Who would have thought such a thing existed? If you enjoyed the recordings by Iftin I put up here some time ago, hie thee over and check them out.


Anonymous said...

Hi John, its Kalil from World Passport. I can't find the email address that I contacted you at before. Can you send it to me at Aol again. I want to check to see if you uv got on DC++ your collection is too sweet not to mingle with all of ours. Jammin jammin tunes u have!

Peace - K

John B. said...

Hi Kalil,

I'm not part of any of the file-sharing services because (call me selfish) I want to control where and how my music collection is disseminated to the outside world. Hence this blog.