Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dakar Divas Pt. 6: Fatou Laobé

Barely known to me until I picked up a few of her CDs in NYC's Little Senegal a few weeks ago, Fatou Laobé is a huge star in Senegal, and a welcome addition to the Dakar Divas pantheon.

Fatou got her start as a backup singer and dancer with musicians like
Baaba Maal and Ousmane Hamady Diop, and has toured the world with Youssou N'dour and Abou Diouba. Striking out on her own in 2000, she released l'An 2000 with her group le Laobé Gui on N'dour's Jololi label. The recordings have followed fast and furious ever since. Her music is deeply rooted in the folklore of the Laobé, a subset of the Pulaar, or Fulani, people who are known for their craftsmanship.

The six tunes on offer here are taken from three CDs: Hé Laobé Rewmi (Origines, 2004), Bara Mamadou Lamine (Ekla, 2008), and Keysi Bousso (Ekla, 2008). Enjoy!

Fatou Laobé & le Laobé Gui - Gambia Modou

Fatou Laobé & le Laobé Gui - Gawlo

Fatou Laobé & le Laobé Gui - Bara Mamadou Lamine

Fatou Laobé & le Laobé Gui - Doolé

Fatou Laobé & le Laobé Gui - Lambo

Fatou Laobé & le Laobé Gui - Harouma Play-Boy


Katoikei's Jukebox said...

I just know I am going to enjoy listening to her voice. Something to soothe away this lonesome blues. I am new to your blog, but have a been really enjoying reading, your very interesting reviews. I one was able to award kudos, you get the maximum amount. Peace, Eric.

internetbob said...

Thx John, great Senegalese Music

NGONI said...

Of course it is a great diva in senegal.

It is known as the diva of Yeumbeul, she has a shop where she sells all kinds of filters of love and seduction perfumes.

I have tapes L'an 2000 and Labat that can be see on her website and both tow have overwhelming force.

Thank you for your selection.

Anonymous said...

She has an AMAZING voice! Nice tape

~Akua Frema~

koto samba said...

The thing is that, unlike many other musicians, Fatou Laobe comes from a gewel (griot) family. That means her way of singing is deeply rooted in ancient Senegal magic. No one can sing like her.