Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ugandan singer/guitarist Sammy Kasule is present on many Kenyan recordings made during the 1980s. He was a member of Frantal Tabu's Orchestra Vundumuna, and as part of another group, Africa Jambo Jambo, was recruited to fill in as part of Orchestra Simba Wanyika during their 1989 European tour.

The 1984 solo LP Kasule (CBS (N) 014) was a smash, spawning three hits, "Kukupenda (Kuusudu)," "Ushirikiano" and Kasule's English-language version of Nguashi Ntimbo's "Shauri Yako," which I featured in my last post. Kasule's translation in turn formed the basis for Mbilia Bel's version of the song.

I understand Sammy Kasule is presently living in Stockholm.

Here are the complete contents of Kasule:

Sammy Kasule - Pesa Kuja

Sammy Kasule - Zongolo

Sammy Kasule - Shauri Yako

Sammy Kasule - Kukupenda (Kuusudu)

Sammy Kasule - Ushirikiano

And here are two singles that Kasule recorded around the same time that Kasule came out. "Numevumila" was on the Doromy label (DM 41), while "Niliota Ndoto" was issued on the VGA Editions Scolar label (VGA 008):

Sammy Kasule & Orchestra Samajako International - Numevumila Pts 1 & 2

Sammy Kasule & Ochila Odero - Niliota Ndoto Pts 1 & 2

Note: Tracks from the LP Kasule are no longer available for download. The album may be purchased online here.


Anonymous said...

In a blog-o-sphere where it is raining West African and Congolese music (not complaining!), it is great to see this series of posts of East African Music. So appreciated!


Steve said...

Nice post John B.

Glad to have these tracks, I actually have the LP and had ripped one side with Ushirikiano and Kukupenda but never got around to ripping the other. This saves me some work! Kasule was also in Orchestra Vundumuna before he went solo - he also did some work with Cuthbert Mbocha I think but those tracks have proved difficult to track down.

Not to open up old wounds/scabs and all that but for those of your readers who may care, you can find a track by Vundumuna at this link about halfway down in the Orchestra Les Kamale block. As an aside, this particular post if full of rhetoric and brought out the acrimonious/contentious side of lots of folks. Not sure I should be linking to it but I will let the cards fall where they may.

- Ntwiga

John B. said...

Jambo Steve: Wow, that's quite a thread on your site! More heat than light I'm afraid. . .

The question of piracy is one that's been discussed on this site, & one I think about all the time.

I'll tell you something that really riles me up, & that is people who post rips of brand new releases from Sterns, Soundway or whoever. As a general policy I don't link to these sites.

Anonymous said...

Sammy Kasule! Now there's a great Ugandan musician. glad you posted this and will definitely enjoy listening to these tracks. Cheers.

Nobrun said...

Great tunes. Marie Wandaka by Kasule seems to have completely vanished.