Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking It Easy (Well, Not Really)

I've been feeling bad about not being able to blog recently, but I see some of my fellow African music blogmeisters have also been slacking off this month! In my case the hiatus is due mainly to preparing for our first daughter's upcoming move to college - a big transition for all of us. To protect Aku's privacy I'm not going to say which school she's attending, but we're pretty happy with it, and of course we couldn't be prouder.

So I hope to be back in action in a week or two. In the meantime may I draw your attention to two worthy new additions to the African music blog scene?

ElectricJive specializes in South African jazz and jive, and I'm quite impressed with the first few entries, full-length LPs from Hugh Masekela, Barney Rachabane, Mahlathini and more, definitely worth your while. Then there's Afro-Synth, which for want of a better term features South African "bubblegum music," the synth-infused pop sounds that were all the rage back in the '80s and early '90s. For now the blog features mainly write-ups, but I understand it'll be adding more downloads as time goes by. I told Uchenna over at Comb and Razor this one was right up his ally! Not really my thing, but who knows? It might be yours.

Take care, and happy listening!


TALL JAMAL said...

Much deserved break, my friend! Your jams are keepin me alive through the rough Patagonian winter. Come back soon, though.

Comb & Razor said...

Congrats on Aku, man... You deserve to take some time off after that exhausting college tour!

I hope to return to regular blogging soon myself. But thanks for reminding me (and alerting me in the first place) about Afrosynth and Electricjive... I was planning to give them a shout.

Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

A number of the Af bloggers having time off is giving me a chance to finally catch up so don't feel bad at all.It's amazing all this stuff you guys offer & I'm eternally grateful but there are periods when I'm doing far to much downloading & not enough listening.

Enjoy the summer


Chris Albertyn said...

Thanks John for the shout-out to electricjive - we look forward to sharing some great music with you and the band of afrobloggers out here ... though I do share some sentiments with J who is appreciating the lull to catch up and revisit all the great stuff already shared - Chris

Anonymous said...

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