Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carrying on the Family Business

Eugene de Coque, brother of the late Nigerian highlife master Oliver de Coque, has been based in Los Angeles since the early '90s, and along with his group the Igede Band, played backup for Oliver during his U.S. tours. They've recorded at least four albums on their own, the first of which, Egwu-Igede (Victory Productions VP 001, ca. 1992) is featured here today.

Egwu-Igede, which apparently was released only on cassette, ably continues Oliver's Ogene Sound legacy and takes it to new heights. The integration of traditional Igbo folk elements and modern studio techniques is particularly deft. Enjoy!

Eugene de Coque & Igede Band International - Ojinbe-Eyimegwu

Eugene de Coque & Igede Band International - Egwu-Igede

Eugene de Coque & Igede Band International - Asi Si Jebe

Download Egwu-Igede as a zipped file here.


aduna said...

Very nice music...
Thanks a lot.

Comb & Razor said...

Eugene is Oliver's son, not his brother, isn't he?

I met him a few months ago at Beat-On Studios in Owerri, where he was shooting a music video. I might post some photos/video from that day later.

John B. said...

No, Eugene is his brother, probably a half-brother. I met him in Chicago about 10 years ago. He & his band were backing Oliver during his US tour.

On the other hand, Oliver did have a couple of sons who were getting into the business also.

Comb & Razor said...

i'm starting to think the guy I met and hung out with was not in fact Eugene but one of the sons... He seemed to be in his early 30s. I was told he was Eugene, though...ugh! I'm so embarrassed! I'm trying to remember if I ever called him Eugene!

D. Jentle said...

Haha. I Whom will I believe now. Razor, comb or John comb :) ;-)

kelly loveth said...

U both are wrong! Eugen is Oliver's brother, same parents. He is my uncle. My late father and his brother Oliver who calls me Nne meaning mum are quite close b4 they both passed on. In traditional believe it is said that when people dies they they said their grandmother reincanated to me thats why Oliver calls me Nne and when i was yet a child Nne-O which is what we call oliver's mum calls me Nne too.