Monday, June 28, 2010

The Return of Toguy

Here, as promised, is Elimbi na Ngomo (Production TN, TN 591), Toto Guillaume's 1985 LP that is rightly considered a monument of the makossa genre. I agree that it's a masterpiece, but pride of place as Guillaume's "best" recording belongs, in my humble opinion, to Makossa Digital
(Disques Esperance ESP 8404, 1983), which I posted here earlier. That said, there's little doubt that the title track, "Elimbi na Ngomo," is one of Toguy's most popular songs, remembered fondly by all Camerounians of a certain age.

Elimbi na Ngomo, makossa for the ages. Enjoy!

Toto Guillaume - Elimbi na Ngomo

Toto Guillaume - Bulu

Toto Guillaume - Raison

Toto Guillaume - Eh Oa

Toto Guillaume - Mulalo

Toto Guillaume - Ngila Nama

Download Elimbi na Ngomo as a zipped file here.


Marcus said...

This is an impressive blog. Congratulations for the work!

lemonflag said...


Anonymous said...

need your help. You know the name of this song and the the orchestra. remember has submitted in your blog some Arabic music. I wonder if the melody is Arabic.

thanks for your information.
Alexis Galeano Toro
California - U.S.A

cisbio said...

Just a note to register my gratitude and admiration.

During the Eighties, I was a big fan of African music, even played out armed with boxes of vinyl, mostly soukous, mokassa and some afrobeat. Twas a golden age, methinks.

My absolute fave makossa was Sam Fan Thomas, of which I have five treasured albums- ever thought of ripping those? (I don't yet have all that ripping paraphernalia)

I never bought Toguy -can't think why now -so these rips are a truly a gift. ta and peace.

David said...

Thanks - a fine album indeed, 5 of 6 tracks are wonderful, but what keeps it from greatness is Bulu (track 2). What's that doing there - dreadful song! But big THANK YOU for the album, once I've deleted Bulu from my copy I shall enjoy listening to the rest again & again :-)