Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Another Re-Up

I've been unable to find out much about Congo's Bobongo Stars, but their unique blend of funk, rock & roll, Soukous and Mutuashi made them stand out in the crowded '80s Kinshasa music scene. They had their own night club, made commercial jingles, played backup for the Angolan singer Diana, and achieved a measure of renown in Europe before fading from sight.

Some time ago I posted the Bobongo Stars album Makasi (Celluloid CEL 6627, 1983) over on Uchenna Ikonne's blog With Comb & Razor, and as it's since gone offline, I thought now was a propitious moment to make it available again.

The above photograph of the Bobongo Stars was taken by Chris Stapleton and appeared in his article "Kinshasa Diary: Zaïre," which was in the Summer 1986 issue of Africa Beat (London). Here are the songs from Makasi, and you can download them as a zipped file here:

Bobongo Stars - Mbati

Bobongo Stars - Joyce

Bobongo Stars - La Vie Ya Lelo

Bobongo Stars - Nazangi Yo

Bobongo Stars - Koteja

Bobongo Stars - Simba Moto


Anonymous said...

i can not wait to listen to this one

thanks for your hard work


wuod k

Anonymous said...

I have this album, but know nothing about the group. Thanks for adding some info.

Chris KTRU-Houston

lemonflag said...


Dave said...

Their work is certainly unique. It is a good blend of several styles. Obviously, this is not easy to pull off.


Abi said...

Wikipedia tells me that makassi is a "lighter" style of makossa. Do you know anything about that?

Prof Babacar said...

Bobongo Star was linked to Ray Lema as you can hear on 2d track of the B side.
Koteja was first released by Ray Lema in 1981(?)

The only group member I've found trace of is Kiandinga Ringo who held the drums on various congolese european productions and was living in Italy in the 90s.

You are doing a great job, keep up.

Prof Babacar said...

and the exact year of release is 1983

Anonymous said...

I know the person who to create BOBONGO STARS. His name is shaka Râ, at present I believe that he lives in Paris. They have to create groups in 1984 I believe. This group influenced a lot Congolese music in the time.
The group is to separate. If you want more detail go on myspace:

sorry for my english. hawa