Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Mlimani!

What better to liven up a slow Thursday morning than another dose of Muziki wa Dansi, courtesy of Tanzania's DDC Milmani Park Orchestra? The usual caveats apply to this Flatim Records/Ahadi cassette of Sitokubali Kuwa Mtumwa (AHD(MC)6024): Red hot music, lo-fi sound. Enjoy!

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Sitokubali Kuwa Mtumwa

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Ukali wa Nyuki

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Safia

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Naomi

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Epuka Jambo Lisilokuhusu No. 2

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra - Naomba Tuaminiane

Download Sitokubali Kuwa Mtumwa as a zipped file here. More Mlimani songs are available as streaming audio here.


Subi Nukta said...

Thank you So, So, So much for this yet another golden collection!!!
Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Thank you for these tunes as always Likembe.

'Maudhi Ya Kila Siku' would have made me fall off my chair with delight.

Kisondella, A.A said...

Thanks for this another valuable posting - I requested more posting of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra after shortly you came up with "Mandela" - ang you have made it.

As die Hard fan of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra " Sikinde Ngoma ya Ukae". I complement you with this post. In the sleeve is serious soloist string fingers picker - Henry Mkanyia, who in this album release he played leading solo gitar to four songs - while leaving two songs to his leading solo gitar mate LATE Michael Bilal.

Likembe is great!!!

Kisondella - (Iringa - Tanzania)

Gad said...

Again many thanks for the post of DDC Mlimani Park and Muziki wa Dansi as always. Please post also Utafiti wa Mapenzi by the same band. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

MAUDHI YA KILA SIKU as requested above pse follow the link below:

adhime said...

music can give you peace, Enjoy

Batandwa said...

Furaha ya mwendawazimu was also.part of this release

Batandwa said...

Furaha ya mwendawazimu was also.part of this release