Monday, August 14, 2017

Hot Dance Music from Côte d'Ivoire

Popoko (EMI EO173292-4, 1992) is a lively cassette from Ivory Coast by the group Les Woanthios. All I know about them, and the cassette, is this recommendation from the website NATARI:

Absolutely outstanding in every way. This virtually all girl group, whose popularity in the Ivory Coast is second only to 'Woya', are magic through and through. Which isn't surprising as their rich and varied modern dance music has retained its ethnic roots with a great beat, some really lovely guitar and absolutely smashing vocals. Ble Clotilde shines out both on lead guitar and vocals with a style of music that is very different from what you would normally expect from this part of Africa. My favourite tracks are 'Kopka' and 'Damozode' and that was a very difficult choice to make as dance wise 'Popoko' will leave your socks smouldering!
To that I have nothing to add. It's great!

Les Woanthios - Popoko

Les Woanthios - Tropic

Les Woanthios - Kopka

Les Woanthios - Damozode

Les Woanthios - Damozode (Remix)

Les Woanthios - Popoko (Remix)

Download Popoko as a zipped file here.


Rétros Musique Afro said...

Thanks for this rare gem from Ivory Coast. If you can publish some Woya or Ernesto Djédjé final albums, it will be much appreciated. By the way, welcome back.

John B. said...

I could definitely post some Woya! My next post will be a couple of great cassettes by Système Gazeur.

Rétros Musique Afro said...

I'm looking forward to your next publication. I'm a big fan of Ivory Coast Music and African music in general. Thanks for your prompt reply.

Georges said...

what a great surprise !!!
Thank you for coming back and great from Ibiza

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!