Thursday, January 25, 2018

Yacouba Soukous from Ivory Coast

A track from Ivory Coast's Gueatan System was featured on the 1993 release Super Guitar Soukous (Hemisphere 7243 8 28188), a compilation devoted mainly to Congolese musicians. Their music is not really soukous, although there are definite influences in the guitar work, as in the music of other African countries. The group members are from the Dan, or Yacouba, ethnic group, who live in the western part of Ivory Coast, spilling over into Liberia. The Dan are world-renowned for their carved wooden masks and other artwork.

Other than that, I can't say anything else about Gueatan System other than that this cassette, Ze (EMI E0183492-4, 1992), is spectacular. Enjoy!

Gueatan System - Ze

Gueatan System - Dion

Gueatan System - Abiba

Gueatan System - Zolo

Gueatan System - Guelo

Gueatan System - Zemele

Download Ze as a zipped file here.


Matthew Lavoie said...

just gave this one a listen. Terrific. Thanks John

Anonymous said...

Thanks much.


LolaRadio said...

As always a wonderfull post. Thank you again John

Anonymous said...

Very fun tape, thanks. If it's alright to ask, do you have any taarab tapes/records?

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Bazza Chile Boy said...

Always great to hear music that still sounds fresh in this vein, harder and harder to find as time goes on. thanks