Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Dynamic Duo of Ghana Highlife

The two stalwarts of Ghana highlife, Pat Thomas and Ebo Taylor, have both been experiencing career revivals lately, thanks to new recordings and reissues of old material. As a team - with Taylor as guitarist and arranger, and Thomas contributing his golden voice - they've been together on and off for more than fifty years. I've written about Pat Thomas and posted his music before. Ebo Taylor has recorded with all manner of Ghanaian musicians as well as being a session musician for the very influential Essiebons label.

Today's offering, Oye Odo (Dannytone 002, 1984), recorded in Ghana and mastered in the Netherlands, showcases these two giants at their peak. Enjoy!

Download Oye Odo as a zipped file here.


zaikonik said...

Brilliant! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Dynamite. You got my attention

Anonymous said...

Thanks, rare album.

sklep muzyk said...

Hello, faktycznie bardzo rzadki album, na pewno przesłucham dzisiaj wieczorem te utwory, ja coś ostatnio nie mam inspiracji do słuchania muzyki , nie mogę nic ciekawego wyszukać, najbardziej interesuje mnie muzyka z lat 80 i 90 , jakieś rzadkie płyty, może coś polecisz jeszcze ciekawego? Będę bardzo wdzięczny pozdrawiam.