Thursday, September 13, 2018

More Coastal Sounds From Kenya?

Here's an LP that my old friend Steve Kamuiru brought me from Kenya back in the early '90s. I have been unable to find out anything about Aziz Abdi Kilambo, but from his name and style of dress I would speculate that he is from the coastal area of Kenya. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong! Likewise Orchestra Benga Africa's sound has a more languid (coastal?) rumba feel to it. Talanta (Polydor POLP 615, 1991) is an enjoyable excursion indeed!

Aziz Abdi Kilambo & Orchestra Benga Africa - Talanta

Download Talanta as a zipped file here. Other recordings by Aziz Abdi Kilambo are available for streaming on Amazon, Spotify and other platforms.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million Mzee John. I believe Aziz Abdi is a branch off the Wanyika tree, specifically Simba Wanyika Original (a victim of downsizing). I don't know if he's from Kenya or Tanzania, coast or upcountry.

Anonymous said...

Seriously appreciated Asante sana

Mariana said...

Hi john !! is there any mail where I can contact you regarding some exclusive release matter?

John B. said...


LolaRadio said...

i love Benga!!!!!!!

Thanx John B