Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ripoff Alert!

For some time now, a dubious operation called "Kipepeo Publishing," apparently based in Kenya, has been peddling on Amazon CDs made from MP3s downloaded, for free, from this site and others. Moos's Global Groove in particular has also been a prominent victim.

Now, I want to emphasize that neither I, nor Moos, nor any of our fellow African music bloggers own the rights to this music. We digitize old LPs that are long out of print, we clean up the sound quality as best we can, scan the covers and labels, etc. because we love the music and want to share it with others. Obtaining these recordings often entails considerable expense, travel and so forth (Moos in particular spends thousands of dollars at record fairs digging up these gems). In return we don't expect remuneration, but recognition and gratitude are appreciated.

We don't have much legal recourse against these shysters, of course. As I say, we don't own the rights to the music. It's disappointing to see Amazon party to this fraud, and supposedly there is an appeals process, which some people have already utilized, to little avail apparently. For my part, I see no point.

Here's a suggestion: If you're scanning Amazon for some classic African sounds and you see something you're interested in from this "Kipepeo Publishing," do a little internet search. There's a good possibility you'll find it for free here or on some other site. Save your money!

1 comment:

ngoni said...

That we live in a world full of vultures and hyenas is not a surprise.

At least thanks to your good work, those fraudsters, disseminate those albums in an acceptable quality, there are other worse than these, that even feed on youtube to get their material.

There are also some so-called suppliers of African music that distribute the sound of damaged cassettes, with dirty sound and cuts in the songs.

These not only steal the artists, they also depreciate the music.

Keep working with love John, keeping the music alive is the task.

They are the artists and their descendants who are in charge of regaining control of the economic benefits of the songs, but it is your work that maintains its value.

A big thank you!