Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Morning Star Group

Here's a mysterious Nigerian album, Idanre Makin (Idanre Makin EILP 002) I got not too long ago - by a Yoruba vocal/percussion group led by Francis Akinde called Ẹgbẹ Irawọ Owurọ, whose name translates, as best I can tell, as "Morning Star Group." A lovely moniker, if Google Translate can be trusted!

The label and liner notes say nothing about this congregation, and give little indication as to what "style" the music is. It's within the broad spectrum of Yoruba percussion styles that we've been exploring recently. Enjoy!

Ẹgbẹ Irawọ Owurọ - Okungba So Gba / Ọrẹ Ma Ba Mi Je / Ibi Aiye Tire Aomo / Fiwa Jaiye Mo Boni Mi Rode

Ẹgbẹ Irawọ Owurọ - Ọla Mẹ Lọ Si Igbo Bini / Ede Sun Mi Daiko / E Are Babangida / Awa Feni Sọrọ

Download Idanre Makin as a zipped file here.


Erwin said...

Thank you very very much. This is really fantastic, what a treasure.

hogon said...

Honestly, this is the best album I discovered in 2020 and I listened to A LOT of great Apala, Fuji, Sakara albums last year.

I say "thanks" because that's only thing I can say but in fact I feel greatly indebted by this. This was a huge benchmark for me and just the possibility of finding something on this level of greatness will make me dig through countless hours of Yoruba percussive music online.

This being Vol II, I really hope there are more gems in store from Francis Akinde.