Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Best of Thione Seck

This week I'm embarking on yet another Spring Break College Tour, this time with my younger daughter Ify. As you may recall, the last couple of times I did this with my other daughter Aku we were able to pick up some nifty Senegalese sounds from a somewhat disreputable storefront on
116th St. in New York City.

Unfortunately we won't be making it out East this time around (maybe next year), but I did want to pass on something I picked up on one of those earlier trips. Best of Thione Seck is not an "official" pressing, but it should be, gathering as it does some of the best tunes from Seck's cassette releases.

Thione Seck himself is rather well-known to African music aficionados thanks to the release in 2005 of his album Orientation (Sterns STCD 1100). He came to notice in Senegal in the late '70s as a vocalist for the legendary Orchestre Baobab, but soon left to form his own roots-orienteed ensemble Le Raam Daan ("Going Slowly Toward Your Goal"). Today he is considered one of the greatest Senegalese vocalists of all time. I featured a few tracks from
Best of Thione Seck in an earlier post, but I'm sure you'll appreciate it in its entirety.

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Dieuleul

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Mane Mi Gnoul

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Mass Ndiaye

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Domou Baye

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Khare Bi

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Diongoma

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Yaye Boy

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Sakh Yi

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Yeen

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Yenn Bi (Mame)

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Khalel

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Bamba

Thione Seck & le Raam Daan - Rara

Best of Thione Seck as a zipped file here. The picture at the top of this post is by Tom Verhees. It is taken from the LP Le Pouvoir d'un Coeur Pur (Sterns STCD 1023, 1988).


Andreas Wetter said...

I had the luck to see him life in Sahel Night Club in Dakar in 1997. It was really an impressing experience.

tom said...

Also picked up several T Seck CD-Rs there - didn't see this one though!

WrldServ said...

The photo used was taken by Ton Verhees, during a concert in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. It has been subsequently been used numerous times, - but without the consent of the photographer....

Anonymous said...

WrldServ: Of course you always ask permission when you post someone's music on your site :-)

NGONI said...

I would be grateful if you did the same thing (post it full) with the cassette of Yorro Diallo Vol.2, returning from your break, if there is no problem.

I'm tired of looking for it since you presented us at 2007.

Thanks for staying there.

Renegade Eye said...

It's really terrific the service you perform.

blackthrash said...

preciated bro
nonetheless both kay fone ma and mathiou should be in there imho

Olavo di Txada said...

Thanks for this, I love Seck´s voice. But, I thought "Yaye Boy" (no 7 in your list) was a different song than the one you present us with here?

Andreas said...

Great post on Seck and his music. Many Thanks!

Steffanus Kor said...


Does anyone know the song Domou Adama of Thione Seck? IS there a way i could have this song? Haven't heard it since 25 years.. For me the most beautiful African song I have ever heard..

thanks in advance,

Steffanus Kor

NGONI said...

@Steffanus Kor.
Maybe you're looking for, Domou Baay?

Rokhaya said...

Thank you so much... I love Papa Thione <3