Saturday, May 8, 2010

Live Youssou

Thanks to Aduna for posting Show!!! A Abidjan (1983), a rare live LP by Senegal's Youssou N'Dour. I was inspired to post a couple of live recordings by him myself, starting with the cassette Jamm La Paix (Productions SAPROM).

Toshiya Endo's essential Youssou N'Dour discography lists Jamm La Paix as issued in 1986, and that sounds about right. Recorded live at the Thiossane Night Club in Dakar, it features the jazzy Super Etoile sound that got us hooked back in the '80s, before the depredations of "World Music™" took hold. The band (credited here as "Super Etoile de Dakar I") has never sounded tighter, with inspired performances by all present:

Download Jamm La Paix as a zipped file here. Later I'll be posting Live Olympia, a live recording from 1991.


mike3k said...

This was the first import tape I bought. I really love that version of "Sabar".

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this rarity, John! smokin' stuff

aduna said...

I look for this volume for a long time. Many good memories for me. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

beautiful Super Etoile & Youssou,thank you John.

george said...

Your two last posts are great. I like mbalax very much. What a pity, Youssou began to make pop music (in a bad meaning of that word), to perform reggae programm isntead of doing what he can doing better, than anyone - to make good mbalax.
We are waitin your next post. Thank you
Geprge from Moscow

Unknown said...

WOW man , i lost this tape 20 years ago, it was my favorite , I've been looking every where for it .

Thank you so much,you realy made my day.

love you !!!!!

Peter said...

Thanks a million for posting this for others who may not have heard it before.

I got this cassette from a chap who was importing them from Senegal to UK, cannot remember his name as it was so many years ago.

From the moment I heard it I thought I will never need to hear anything else for as long as I live.

Peter said...

Btw, how could I get in touch with you? I have virtually non-existent, as I have checked at British National Sound Archive, a radio broadcast of part of live recording of Super Etoile de Dakar circa 1985 in London at ‘Town and Country Club’ Kentish Town, unavailable anywhere & I would love to send it to you.

John B. said...

Peter, I'd love to hear it. beadlejp (at) yahoo (dot) com.